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Continuing a successful and well-loved event, the 17th Long Night of Museums will take place on April the 22th, 2017. 54 cultural institutions in Hamburg will be cooperating to remain open from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. to provide you with an extraordinary experience. Join fellow art lovers and discover old as well as new museums and enjoy a special program which ranges from guided tours to music and dance performances. You will also find special events for children and offers in various languages to make this night a special one for everyone.

To find out more about the participating museums please follow this link:
To find out more about the special program for the night please follow this:
Special program


In order to be a part of this night you need to purchase one general admission ticket. This will grant you access to all museums and events as well as the specially arranged public transportation for the night. It also allows you to use the HVV transport service
(http://www.hvv.de/en/index.php) on the day of the event from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m. the following day in order to arrive at and depart from the night.

You may also use the ticket to gain access to all participating museums on the following Sunday, April the 23rd, 2017.

The regular price for the ticket is €15

The discount price is €10, if you are:

  • a student
  • an apprentice
  • a Bundesfreiwilligendienstleistende
    (a federal volunteer service provider)
  • an unemployed person
  • a welfare recipient
  • a disabled person
    (A valid document will be required)

The ticket is free of charge for children younger than 12 years and for the attendance of a severely disabled person.

Tickets are available at the following sales outlets:

  • All museums checkouts
  • The head office of HASPA
    (Hamburger Sparkasse) at Jungfernstieg
  • The HAMBURG ZWEI ticket center
    associated with the BILD BOX located
    within the Europa Passage
  • The tourist information at the central
  • All concert and advance booking offices

Or buy your ticket online by following the button below.


HASPA-Joker customers and GIRO-Privileg customers of Sparkasse Lüneburg get reduced prices (regular €12 / discount €8)

HASPA-Joker: www.haspajoker.de/museen, (tel 040/35 79-1234) or in the Haspa branch at Jungfernstieg. 

GIRO-Privileg Lüneburg: www.giroprivileg.de,  (tel 04131 288-288), bookable 16.01. - 10.04.2017.


A specially arranged public transportation takes you to the museums of your choice. The use of ten bus lines, mostly departing from the Deichtorplatz, two boats and a lot of red bicycles are included in your ticket price. They are free of charge from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The red bicycles are called StadtRÄDer, they are available at many locations throughout the city. Before first use you have to register at www.stadtradhamburg.de, directly at the operation terminal at a bicycle station or call 040/82 21 88 10-0. The registration fee is €5, the amount will be credited to your personal StadtRÄDer account and is usable for other bicycle rides after the Long Night of Museums.

To find your nearest StadtRÄDer station follow this link:
View the transport system by following this link soon:


For further questions please contact us at:

Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg
Holstenwall 24
20355 Hamburg

Phone: (0 40) 4 28 131 - 0

E-Mail: kontakt@langenachtdermuseen-hamburg.de

Enjoy your visit!

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Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg

Tel. 040/ 32 21 57

Das Museum ist für Rollstuhlfahrer barrierefrei zugänglich

»Motto folgt in Kürze«
Der Kunstverein in Hamburg ist einer der ältesten Kunstvereine in Deutschland. Seit 1817 widmet er sich der Präsentation und Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Positionen. So wurden unter anderem Caspar David Friedrich, Arnold Böcklin oder Francis Bacon in frühen Einzelausstellungen vorgestellt. Ohne permanente Sammlung reagiert der Kunstverein in wechselnden Ausstellungen flexibel auf aktuelle Tendenzen und gesellschaftlich relevante Themen. In einer ehemaligen Markthalle zentral auf der Kunstmeile gelegen, präsentiert der Kunstverein junge, internationale Positionen sowie etablierte Künstlerinnen und Künstler wie Olafur Eliasson, Hans Arp/Franz West, Liam Gillick, Cosima von Bonin, Sarah Lucas, Geoffrey Farmer oder James Benning.

The Kunstverein in Hamburg is one of the oldest art societies in Germany. Since 1817 it has dedicated itself to presenting and conveying contemporary art, which has led to early exhibitions of artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Arnold Böcklin and Francis Bacon. With no permanent collection of its own, the changing exhibitions of the Kunstverein react to current trends and socially-relevant subject matter. Centrally located in a former market hall, the Kunstverein presents young international artists as well as established artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Hans Arp/Franz West, Liam Gillick, Cosima von Bonin, Sarah Lucas, Geoffrey Farmer and James Benning.

Kunstverein in Hamburg